Thursday, July 26, 2007

The race bug has bitten

It's our second time-trial event tonight. Having written-off my old wheels pushing them around on an extremely wet course last week at the first event for 5 years, I am riding tonight on Green. Red will be standing at home looking sorry for herself until the new wheels arrive next week.

Meanwhile I have bought a holdall to avoid having to pay Easyjet lots of money for each of our individual (relatively small) panier bags when we go cycle touring in the south of France.

More importantly, I have invested in a top cyclomputer that measures altitude! giving me lots of more of exciting stats on our holiday.

In additional to our lots of shiny lights for the Dunwich Dynamo this weekend. That's a lotta shopping.

Wiggle me.


Silver Lining said...

Heh. I bought me a new bike this weekend. On the Cyclescheme do-dad. A hybrid commuting MTB thing, with cleated pedals and shoes to go in 'em. And a zoom stem, so I can adjust it not to hurt me till I am fixed again.

Can't wait to pick it up...

Next year, if the Cyclescheme is still going and I am fixed, I'm gonna get me a proper roadbike. Wanna come help me choose?

Trepid Explorer said...

Oooh. Shopping (trembles)