Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It was the most beautiful day

For the most beautiful girl and her new husband.

And we all had a shockingly good time.

Let's face it, though the speeches went on till 9:30pm no one cared. If I'd had my say, here's what I would've said,

"Emily, you are one of the most beautiful people I know. Sure, you are pretty but you're always happy. Your dad is right, you bounce everywhere. My earliest memory of you is walking through Tintagel castle screaming with fear when my dad scared us by sticking his gloved hand through the stone wall of the castle. My fondest defining memory of you was playing in the garden in Kelly Bray. We were balancing along a wall and you wouldn't tread on a fly because you respect all god's creatures.

You have an undying passion for life and an amazing talent which you worked to develop. You took everything life threw at you and made it positive. You seem to have a passion for what you do (teaching) and a bigger passion for what you'd like to be doing (being rich and famous) and you're going to all lengths to make it.

Steve, you have very obviously made Emily extremely happy. Your little motto, "love the love" isn't just a theory, you practice. I saw that within 24 hours of meeting you. And you're a nengineer. What more can I ask for? I've always said they're good people.

Steve, I respect your family and I've hardly met them. But if five of them can take to the stage and sing a song about dirty wee fellas in the Aussie outback that woo the village ladies, including dingo yelping, hell, you'd even fit in with my family!"

I found my definition of love this year and, like Steve and Emily, I try to live my life by it now.

If I apply the same standards to these two, they more than measure up. I wish you all the best, but you don't need my wishes.


Just a Girl said...

Pretty dress Trepid :)

Trepid Explorer said...

Oh why thank you. I found it in a little boutiquey place near 7 dials in London... that TSK found of course

Just a Girl said...

Of course :)