Saturday, June 18, 2016

Before Ironman

How do I feel about Kielder long distance triathlon?

Trepid.  Pretty much sums it up.  I’m not nervous as such.  I’m not sure I’m confident either.  Confident implies some sort of surety that I am going to finish – but I’m just not sure.  If you ask me if I feel confident – I’ll say yes because I’m so relaxed and I feel like I’ve done most (not all) of the training I planned… but I’m not sure – not sure I’ll finish, not sure I’ll enjoy it.  I’m unsure about many things but mostly they come down to: not being able to finish the swim again (trying not to let history rule my fears) or getting timed out on the bike or getting timed out on the run. 

Most other things can be fixed.  If my bike breaks, I’ll fix it.  If I can’t run, I’ll walk.  Time (or rather speed) and water temperature are my biggest fears.

On a secondary scale – being driven mad by biting midges is also up there but I am confident that I can suffer this better than some others and I have “Smidge” with me.

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