Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 Ironman Credits

Andrew – Chief support crew, patient of my Iron-moods, chief nutritionalist and sounding-block.

Mum and dad – for their early foundation in sport and ears to listen and the voice of encouragement and criticism when I need it.

Norton Wheelers – the best bike support network I could wish for and the toughest rides on my “easy” weeks.

Team Accellerate – Size 9 womens shoes, Colin for no-nonsense foot beds, Houghboy – shop banter and inspirational stories, Debs – retail and race-head support, Pete – for cruelty (with kindness) to my beaten muscles and the in-massage banter and a new-found enthusiasm for triathlon – you are this year’s pass-it-forward.

Claire Smith – For inspiring me to try.  It’s your fault I’m here.

Becky Loftus – Foundation of Ironman support.  If it’s Claire Smith’s fault I did it once, it’s your fault I did it twice.  Thank you for putting me up in your home as I pass and thereby keeping my training on track.  Thank you for the running company and encouragement.

Vicky Stott – for reminding me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.  “I can’t run" – my arse!

Lucy Kircher – for making me at home in Brighton where I had a lovely training weekend away and for injecting some intelligence into my recovery.

Genevive Whitson – Lifestyle inspiration.  For inspiring me to follow my dreams.

John, my boss – For attending all those customer meetings when I was on holiday playing triathlon.

Liz Cain – for listening to my swim dramas and understanding the dad / daughter thing.

Mum and dad in law – for understanding my training disappearances during family celebrations and keeping me company at Guildford swimming pool.

Yorkshire and Doncaster Outdoor Swimmers – For being there, making Yorkshire’s lakes accessible, the banter and the cake, tea, chips.

Sport Sheffield / S10 Gym – for being the best, most relaxed, most convenient.

Fiona Kesteven and Cas Kay – For being familiar faces and GB buddies.  I have something to aspire to next year.

Lisbon and Tri England – for the most amazing distraction from Ironman training at the perfect time.

Lynn Bland for introducing me to fell running and to Dark Peak Fell Runners to inspire me to keep coming back.  I might not be an active member but it’s the intention that keeps me going.

Jo Jebb, Helen Elmore, Ruth Marsden, Sarah Harrison and Kate Morris.  What a network.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals – Without them I might not be alive and they put up with a lot of crap and paranoia from me.

To all the mountain bikers, dog walkers, road bikers, runners and occasionally motorists who have made my training that little more enjoyable with encouragement or just a hello.

All the café owners who have been open and therefore, made my day.

All the marshalls, organisers and other volunteers of races.  Without you there is nothing.

The chasers, the being chased.  Fellow competitors.  Without you there’s no racing. 

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