Friday, June 24, 2016

Days that go by

Life is sometimes a bully. It grabs you by the ear and yanks you into a miasma of days that float by with a thousand things to do.
When that happens, the bike sits, sad, in the garage.

From here. Rocky Mountain Biker
I want  a  break from burying myself but that doesn't mean I want a break from doing things so today I finally got back on my bike.
I needed a break from Brexit and it cheered me up. I felt happy for a few things and found the occasional positive spin and  was able to laugh at it. I have never cared less for politics to be honest.  As a francophile I am all European. A dedicated innie. I just refuse to be sad over  politics life is too short.
But back to life and self absorbed mumbo jumbo. It's all it ever will be since it's mainly my diary on the world. If I ever grow old enough to become somehow immobile I can sit in a chair and read my own story.
Sometimes I do it now and often I learn something that I had forgotten about. 
But the story of how I did my second Ironman will take a little longer to come out because I am so tired of making progress and measuring progress and capturing progress that I forgot to enjoy riding my bike, running and swimming in the lake and god, do I hope I haven't missed summer! ?
I washed my mountain bike on Tuesday. I have been itching to ride it since but I had to wait for my body to catch up with recovery - first physically and then mentally. 
I  feel like I am in much better shape compared to post-Forestman which makes me really happy, given how tough the Kielder course is (and was on the day).
On Wednesday my body had recovered but my head was shot. I jumped at every little thing and swore violently,  like my life depended on it, when I lost something.  I lay awake staring at the wall and then finally got up to sulk at the Internet. You know when you realise that some people are unimportant and undeserving of the stress they cause you.  When you try to face their hatred with love and they throw it back at you?  No?  Oh just me then.
I tried to get to yoga on Thursday but slept in due to the late night. Thankfully a visit from Glyn put me in the right frame of mind to do some light vigorous cleaning and I went to bed moderately exercised, tired and ready for a great sleep on Thursday night. 
My ride home tonight in fading light with no actual attack on my personal space  (mental or physical) from motorists really was the best end to the day. I got slightly mucky on the canal bank, had to climb over a tree and then rode over curbs all the way back to uni, giving my mtb a bit more of the urban experience than she is used to.  I should have had lights on really but judge me on that after we've  nailed this big contract. 
Two hungry hairy faces met me when I got home. The cats are happy not to be left alone tonight and they're going to be allowed in the bedroom. 
There's nothing I have to do this weekend but I am going to have a day to myself and then go and hang out with TSK and his team at the Shenington  24 hr race because for once I am going to amuse myself watching other people suffer then I am going to go  back to work and pick up my job on Monday, EXACTLY  where I left it. While I don't aspire to make that too much of a habit it's one I can  enjoy in the short term. 
I lied, I guess washing the mud off my legs is also kind of a thing I have  to do. 

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