Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Trep has been censored

The nasty people at FB have realised Trepid Explorer is not a normal human and wish to reinstate my account as boring old me... if they even accept that I am who i say I am.

I wish to get some of my photos and posts back so I may return for a while as boring old me. However, i am unlikely to trust them with my friendship again.

So, friends, I have not disappeared but instead you will find me here or on my Twitter feed. Any future me who appears on FB will be a shadow of my former self for sports club notifications and little else. I may lurk from time to time.

I finish on the advice to never trust the internet with your precious moments and never go through your phone deleting pictures because they are on FB. Who said information on the web lasts forever?

Off to print out 10 years of blog posts.

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