Saturday, August 22, 2015

Last week

Last weekend I had a bit of an epic time on Saturday. It may not have seemed like it to my club mayes but the ride was hard for someone who really had too many miles in their legs... then i went swimming.

I had Sunday off but ended up gardening.

On Monday I rode to work. Did swimming and running on Tuesday and rode in on Wednesday. That caused my calf muscle to spasm in the middle of the night leaving it slightly pulled in the middle of the night. Rest day Thursday then which gave me the excuse to go to the pub with tsk.

Walking thrre i got gradually increasing pain in my left leg. Core bone pain. Surely not a stress fracture?  I hobbled to the pub like the trooper i am, limping, tben tightened my sboes up for the walk home and got back just fine.

Knowing I had a sprint race on Saturday I needed to get an endurance run done Friday. I prayed that the morning would bring good spirits.

Friday dawned without pain and as I had ambitiously packed my running bag it was easier to run to work than decide what else to do.

Once I had warmed up, running became effortless again and I plodded all the way to Brinsworth. It wasn't fast but it was effortless. Only the stopping throughout the day hurt. It made my heart sink and made me sleepy.

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