Saturday, August 15, 2015

A good old bit of stats

Last year I wrote this about my Celtman Training:

Training since November:
Swim - 24 miles 34hours 8mins. 
Bike - 1782 miles 159 hours 41 mins 24.8km climbing
Run - 388 miles 88hours 20 mins 14.2km vertical climb.  

or a total of 281 hours training

This years 8 months of training for Olympic tri does not look too much different in some alarming ways but has been much more fun:
Swim - 21 miles 30hours 45mins. 
Bike - 1748 miles 159 hours 11 mins 24.2km climbing
Run - 224 miles 50hours 14 mins 8.3km vertical climb. 

or a total of 289 hours training

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