Sunday, January 27, 2013

Days 62 - 66

Day 62

A drive home to Sheffield followed by a half day in the office followed by Tap.  Brilliant.  Exactly what I needed.  A fun way to get me onto my toes and doing drills without actually doing drills.  Made a lot of noise.

Day 63

A crash day.  Too much driving and a lot of work.

Day 64

Back to it with a little ride to work though still a hectic day so I did little more than ride home again and crash out on the sofa.  At least I cycled around with my cycling shoes in the bike bag.

Day 65

I hit back at my training programme with a really really long sleep followed by dedicated doing the things I was supposed to do.  25 miles in the slush on my bike followed by a 2km swim to make up for slacking off the rest of the week.

It's the first time I've done a double-hit Saturday on my training programme and honestly it was nice to have Chris to chat to in the pool to make me feel a bit more human through it - or at least like I had some crazy company!

Finally jumped out of the water at 7:30pm and walked home for dinner.  Comatised the rest of the evening & slept so well.

Day 66

Fell race today.  Oh dear.  Subject to update.
Tigger Torr race report

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