Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Day 41 Addendum

Technically I should've biked yesterday & today should be a rest day - since I didn't feel like going out.

Spent the whole day being lazy making up for staying up late last night.

The lethargy just got worse as the rain came, the wind picked up and the sofa became more and more comfortable.  The light fell.

Finally I persuaded myself to go out for the prescribed 30 minute ride.  It can't be that hard... I mean not even as hard as going for a half hour run but it's really difficult to imagine a 30 minute bike ride.  I went.

Of course after 12 minutes I was having a great time.  I didn't care that it was raining.  I didn't care where I was going but I kept going up and west as long as I could and then thought about going home when I couldn't be bothered any more.

Eventually I turned down a byway and by nothing more than the beam of my bike light and luck, rode up some slippery flagstones alongside a ford and a brick wall before heading back into the city.

Met up with TSK for a beer and dinner.

Crackin' start to the new year.

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