Monday, May 16, 2011

Stratford Tri

A tiring start to the Stratford Tri for me. Not used to having children around, a flit between getting Bex ready for the big day and enjoying / managing the children's enthusiasm for my visit.

We finally settled down to bike tinker at 10:00pm, once we'd put children to bed and done our nails.

On the morning of the race my usual aura of professional calm was disturbed by continuous bumping into people Becky knew in only the way Becky can. Eventually I gave up trying to herd cats. I got her into transition and set up then set off myself 15 minutes later to organise my life.

Bike racked I realised I had neigther swim hat, goggles or bike helmet. A walk over to the van. I was so focused on getting Becky ready, I'd completely forgotten myself and I'd completely forgotten that my swim time was 15 minutes later so I felt unneccessarily rushed.

Finally once everything in my life was together I wandered through to see my support crew and watch Becky start then walked down to my own start.

The swim could only be described as a fist fight with people passing three abreast and swimming head on into eachother. I went to pass people on the third section and found I was trapped on the left side of a line of 4-5 people meaning I had to swim over a lady to change lanes. She got angry and sat on my feet for a lap. I went so fast my feet started to cramp. I stood up once or twice and swam the last lap breast stroke.

Climbing out of the pool to masses of cheers from the boys and girls above. Outside in transition went well. I ran straight to my post and towelled down. Everything went on except the race number - woops.

The ride passed with little comment. Encouraging those around me. Passing the last of the men. Calling to a fellow competitor who'd taken a wrong turn.

Race number on in the second transition and shoes tied. Possibly the last time as I promise myself new easy-fit shoe laces. I race out of transition remarkably well and continue the fast stride wondering if I can keep it up. Remarkably, again, I can. I keep the stride going and stick with a few people. No one passes me.

I high five Becky coming the other way and call encouragement to team GB as she passes on lap 1.

Around the corner into the finish and I am breathless and exhausted and struggle to find the energy for hugs and congratulations.

Results in and I realise I've missed two laps on the swim. A genuine mistake.

Swim (uprated to full distance) : 8:16 - v. satisfied - 50th woman of 200. 267/643.
Bike: 48:20 - 30.3kph - 8th woman. 187/643.
Run: 27:15 - 5:21min/km or 11.2kph - 52nd. 341/643.

Overall 1:23:36 - 17/172 woman 240/643 overall.

In summary, this event was a shambles for the swim and a rip off - £50 and no timing chips. I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the enthusiastic support team of Dan, Zoe, Torin and Adam. I got a good result but I won't be doing it again. Shame.

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