Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things that happened to me this day

My boss's boss today was reading from a script and thanked me for the 'work I had done on erm, erm, erm...' He got there in the end but frankly, the compliment was lost.

We watched a corporate pride video for the British firm which made some of us feel hypocritical at best, more, confused about the role that our bigger owners had in this video as we edge closer to German harmonisation. Bring it on I say (so long as we can lose Lotus Notes).

My boss led a session and again I disengaged when we were presented with the scenario of being on a family holiday 'with no heat and the wife is complaining and kids are screaming...' it goes on to question 'Would you cable a plug onto a mystery electric fire..'.  I decided it would not add much to the feminist movement were I to suggest telling the bitch to shut the fuck up and smiled boredly and gave all the right answers and smiled inwardly as my family holiday revolved around burning all of the furniture in the holiday home in order to stay warm.

What did make me feel proud today was the emphasis that the organisation is firmly putting on safety, finally and seeing the team in all its vastness of 14 sitting together to eat a meal together.

I did ditch the evening celebration in favour of turbo training and productive day on Friday. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep at the weekend if I didn't get some things well out of the way.

Turbo was good and hard but at the same time I controlled my effort, had a good discussion about practice effort and control then watched 2 tv programs before bed to properly relax.

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