Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A Comedic Hospital Appointment

It's odd trying to explain ironman training problems to an NHS doctor.  I don't like to brag to any old one (I am usually selective) and I'm no good. I'm just an average person who has done an Ironman in (to be honest) a pretty over-average time.

On the other hand I wanted them to understand exactly what I had been through before any alarm bells sounded and just how fucking clueless I can be about my health.

The very geeky Germanic doctor had a friend along, a kiwi (nation not bird). One was haemotology, the other anti coagulation. They were the veritable double-act with the Germanic doc trying to be professional and at the same time being reduced to giggles by the kiwi doctor who teased him for breaking the test label-printer then reverting to writing out the test cards by hand so he didn't miss anything. Finally fading, "are you sure you want all those tests doctor? We've only just cured Mrs Trep of the anaemia".

So I am to stop taking the blood thinning tablets and let my body finish off what the drugs started. Even if I have some clot left, extra treatment won't make much difference now.

They explained the pain I sometimes get in my side after a hard race and it seems little to worry about. In short it is my swollen lung rubbing against the outside of my body.

I am to keep taking my iron tablets because while my red blood cells are back up in number they are still small. This pleases me because it means I still have improvements to make and I feel that in myself. Although I am back to training, it still takes it out of me and I still struggle to get up in the morning.

I am being tested for hereditary diseases but even if they find anything right now it's doubtful that they would treat me any different except to officially make my family aware.

In s way I am fearful, that the benefits will wear off and I will be back to being me, carp as ever. At worst I am worried that the PE or DVT will return and I will miss it again but at the same time I will be free from the fear that if I do have a major crash I could die! I can race like I used to.

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