Monday, December 22, 2014

Back to Bicycles

I have no one to mither me with the inconvenience of more work today, this week. Only my own conscience which is strong, for the stuff I do now is stuff I won't need to worry about over Christmas so I don't go to the pub at lunch, I work and I earn the right to go home on my bike on time and laugh at the motorists. Sad little people who haven't used their holidays yet, trying to get home from a days shopping or those who have no holiday desperate to get something for that someone they haven't really thought about since their birthday and I pitty those who really just want to get home from whatever godforsaken office on the edge of MeadowHell. Not even the rain can dampen my spirits

I was drained of blood today. More investigations. At the last minute I wrote down the tests they were doing then didn't want to know. I get pains in my calf still. I think they may be psychological or there's every chance I just rode my bike too fast today.

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