Sunday, November 16, 2014

National Trophy Part 3 - Durham

It didn't feel like a good day today. After what amounted to 2 days off, I didn't feel like a coiled spring at all so my head and my nerves got a break. Unfortunately no-one told my body so that continued to punish me up until the start.

I got 3 warm up laps at good pace and a tow off the start line from Marie Jackson. The course massively suited me with plenty of tricky sections to get my teeth into. I could have done with more power on the climb but there's a reason to get back to the gym if ever I had one.

I dropped the riders who were with me but despite trying, I wasn't going to catch Lynn today.  It was,however, just the kind of day I was looking for, one that persuades me that despite all potential distractions,  I do quite like the national trophy races.

I dropped a lap so I was ready for a warm down run. Of course that all changed by the time I got home (2hours sat in the car).

Tomorrow it's going to be honking it down in the morning yet I am determined to run to work. Got the gear, too excited.

Glad of my two days rest if it helps me rebound like this.

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