Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Faced with a long day out of the office

The prospect of a long drive to Clitheroe, I sated by taking the pretty way. It took me 20 minutes too long but might've taken that much longer on the motorway anyway.

I took running gear to satisfy my exercise urge on Pendal hill but, y'know me, I ignored the sparkling hill bathed in autumnal sunshine and opted for Crowden Reservoir armed with a headtorch.

It was an unsuccessful run of out and back with some diversions to the edge of cliffs. That's what happens when you follow paths that are essentially climbers' tracks. The running was satisfying from an outdoorsy perspective, getting me away from driving and up to good elevation but disappointing because it was short and I returned to the car out of hunger.

I had the Garmin with me as my map so I even feel embarrassed to call it a fell run but I enjoyed it. It made for a good spin.

Interesting to note that the groin pain has gone after some rigorous stretching which made it crack like lightening.

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