Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holidays 2013 Super Brevet Preparations

Andrew did his bike in the morning and we went to reccie the start point.  We chatted to the YHA owner and returned to camp to check out.  Andrew faffed some more and I went for a swim and got stung by jelly fish.  

I modified my fleece jacket then we went back to town in the Vanu to register.  A lot of sitting about with which I lost patience, did some knitting then went for a ride on my mountain bike, stumbling across some stoneage ruins of cold-stores and some WWII buildings in the woods. 

When the thought at the front of your mind is, "Thank goodness my team's colours are orange - the universal code for 'don't shoot me, I'm a human'", then you know you've had a good ride.

Got a branch stuck between the block and the deraileur on EmVee but don't seem to have done any damage.

Rocked back to registration just in time to find out that I didn't have anywhere to stay after all.  Ate dinner then discovered that I shouldn't have waited for the breifing because the campsite was closed when we got back to it.  Just as we were about to go and camp at the cheap place we noticed the overnighters' sign and the electricity hook up points and parked up in the car park instead.

Had the shittiest nights sleep since Andrew spent most of the night convinced he was too hot (it was a bit warm) and then once he'd stripped everything and opened all the windows it rained and he had to bolster down again.  The alarm went off at 5am.  Thank god we'd been organised enough that all we had to do was throw some stuff in the back of the vanu and drive a few miles.

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