Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stavanger recovery setup

Packed up at the Budget hotel in time to go to the ferry terminal and get our tickets to head home.  Once that was done, time to head straight out to Stavanger to set up for the next few days of recovery.

We decided against the city campsite, instead heading down to the coast, getting stuck in traffic, finding a few mapped campsites were missing and finally setting up at a place right on the coast.  It was by the airport but so beautiful with the sea and the sand dunes that we didn't care about the helicopters flying by and the odd jet passing in the distance.

We unloaded, sat in chairs then I headed out onto the beach in my wetsuit for a swim.  Avoiding some fat kids and only one jelly fish then we had a game of frisbie before heading back to the vanu to cook dinner.  An excellent rest day.

I popped over to the shop to see if I could find some fresh veg for dinner.  Came back with something even better - prepped crab for starters and fresh mussels for main course which I managed to cook and fry up with garlic and sauce for an incredibly tasty meal and I didn't even make either of us ill.

It was so satisfying.  As was the shower in the evening.

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