Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holidays 2013 UK Travel

The drive down to Harwich flew by for me. I worked.  I'm glad I didn't have to watch the mphs rush by.  We left at 11am.  I planned to leave at 11am but secretly I wanted to have left well before then.  Andrew didn't tell me how early we'd have to check in and I didn't realise we only had 15 minutes to spare.  If I'd been driving with all the facts I probably would have taken the vanu too fast and blown it up.  If I'd been watching Andrew, I probably would have told him to slow down.

I was excited about my cabin at first.  I could've slept straight away but we opted to eat instead.  We also booked and paid for Breakfast.  We discovered we should've paid for food in advance.  We knew we'd get ripped off on the ferry but we didn't expect it to be to the tune of £90.  It's a good job we did eat all we could.

When we went to bed it was still.  The air in the room was freezing cold, blasting out of the air conditioning unit.  Even on it's warmest setting.  We watched TV for a bit.  We fell soundly asleep.  I woke up a few hours later to the noise of the air con.  Without my earplugs it was keeping me awake.  I went to the loo and figured out that I could silence the extractor fan a bit by stuffing tissue paper into it.  This also seemed to warm up the cabin as whatever warm air was getting in (or being generated by us) wasn't immediately getting sucked away.

Andrew got up and went out on deck for some fresh and sodden sea air to get rid of the dryness.

We both fidgeted all night and woke up being tossed around like dolls in a washing machine (ok not that bad) and feeling awful.  I thought I'd managed to control my sea sickness but found myself unable to return to the room for any long period of time, instead lying on the benches in the centre of the boat with my head in my hands and sleeping helped.  I dashed below decks for a shower only to return to sit in a chair waiting carefully for my hair to dry.

Finally the boat trip was over and all we had to do was drive for 4 hours across Denmark.  We had some coffee and a beautiful bagel in town and then set off.

One services stop saw me recharged.  Otherwise we made it in one piece to the lovely campsite at Frederickshaven where we went for a walk on the beach  before bedtime.  

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