Wednesday, December 26, 2012

You can't please all of the people all of the time & today is not your day... Or, "Time to Start Saying No"

Day 33 I cycled to work.  I couldn't sleep on Sunday night - which is weird after venting my spleen to the internet, which usually helps.  I meant to get up early and go for a swim but instead, I slept in and failed to swim on the basis that they shut at 1pm on Christmas eve.

I did a fair old training ride with some efforts thrown in for good measure and a jot of hill climbing... but no running, no swimming, just a ride.

Day 34 was Christmas day and rather than doing the proverbial turkey we went out for a lovely ride with some friends into the peak district on the mountain bikes then had a restrained, though very tasty meal at home.  I would've felt quite smug except for the large volumes of alcohol consumed (for me)... but then still no swim or run.

Day 35 I had my arm twisted to go out for a walk with the folks.  They're not as sprightly as they used to be so definitely no run or swim today - though I probably could've swam faster around Ladybower reservoir... even today.  It's left me tired, soalked and achey and whilst I keep telling myself I've the rest of the week to catch up with some training that I've missed

So if you invite me anywhere over the next few weeks, do bear in mind that I might say no and don't be offended... and if I do happen to say yes just know that I might sod off for a run for a few hours or ask you to point me in the direction of the nearest pool.

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