Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Days 14 & 15 - Turning points

Day 14 was treated as the programmed rest day, despite doing nothing on Sunday.

This is fine because I am still working on looking after my brain and not letting myself become over-tired too often.

A 5:30 am start to get down to the pool, swim and get to my meeting on time.  I slept really well last night which is a good job.  I woke in the “middle of the night” feeling hungry so drank some Yoghurt drink and went back to bed.  There was the usual kerfuffle (who knew there's a "real" spelling for that) that ensued – TSK going to the loo, Lenny coming in for cuddles, TSK getting up to let Lenny out, putting my earplugs in because I’m now too well rested to sleep through TSK’s satisfied, heavy breaths.  It’s a noise I find incredibly soothing when I’m tired and only midly irritating when I’m in the zone of half-sleep, half-ready to get up.

No sooner had I gone back to sleep than it felt like the alarm had gone off so I got up and resumed my breakfast along with the let-back-in cat and headed out to the pool.

I churned out 1200m with 6 x 25m sprints which hurt less than usual.  I say churned out because I really was indifferent about getting out after 1200m but I don't want to overdo things so out I got.  My Achilles tendon was starting to hurt a bit from the pushing-off.  It was a bit stressed about my rediscovered mid-foot running style at the weekend.

I had my 4 x 25 s sprints on the bike on the way to work (let's ignore the 25kgs of stuff I had on my bike for the trip to East Anglia).

I crashed on a canal bridge but that's OK because I was going slow and the impact was absorbed by aforementioned stuff.

By 10:30 in my meeting I was falling asleep.  By 10:45, fuelled by coffee and a spot of stretching I was back with the programme.

The meeting finished at 12 and I jumped back on the bike and headed for the station.  5 hours later I arrived in Great Yarmouth for tomorrow's meeting.  I won't say fresh... but not nearly as knackered as last time I was down here (and hopefully without food poisoning this time).

It's 9:15pm and I'm about to do my teeth and sleep so that tomorrow I can be on the beach before the sun rises with my headtorch and my new (borrowed) feet ready to put them through their paces in sand and also probably along Marine Parade when I get fed up of the hard work.

On the day Chrissie Wellie announces her retirement, I'm doing, well, nothing significant other than what is significantly starting to become a bit normal and a bit second nature.  Smiles!

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