Sunday, January 17, 2010

A quick recovery and a busy week

On Wednesday the snows came again but thankfully the back eased off so I wrapped it up and took it out to ride to work.

Not wanting to break Marvin the Garmin, I left him at home and took Dauntless the mountain bike.

It was a long and slow ride down to the clearer main road but even then I had to dodge the cars ploughing the slush into Dauntless's clear tracks. Most motorists were adequately careful.

The loosening up meant I made it to the gym on Thursday and onto the running machine on Friday.

Despite the good intentions of a long slow run to get the endurance up, I got incredibly bored after 25 minutes & reverted to measure my max heart rate for running. Having got my heart rate up to 178, it was truly unsustainable so backed off the speed by .8km/hr and trudged to the end of 8 minutes at a heart rate of 176.

That's that then. A bit less than the 184 bpm on the bike.

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