Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lovely weekend

Yesterday was rather sedentary on the basis of waiting-in for people who weren't coming. D, B, T and Z eventually arrived at 14:00 which gave us time to pop into town, get the ski boots sorted out then Head over to the park to push the kids on the swings. A few hours of that is about as good a work-out as 15 press-ups for me.

The only other training was continuing to take the iron tablets I bought on Tuesday. They appear to be doing wonders for both my strength and my state of mind.

Today we rode over to Chippenham and Avebury. It was hard work getting myself out on the bike as I had somehow managed to persuade myself that all my cycling ability had faded to nothing over the last 2 weeks. To the contrary, I was mostly capable of giving it some. I was very glad I took the lightweight bike out with the lightweight wheels to boot. I flew up the hills feeling reasonably stong. Fatigue started to set in towards the end of 60km but then that might've been the alcohol from the pint in the pub.

Time to get three AA strength sessions in before I go ski-ing. Then I can really start triathlon efficiency training before the race in May.

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