Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not last

We did another Trailbreaker event today in the South. Being in Surrey (as in, "I, Trepid Explorer, do solemnly declare that I never thought I'd find myself mountain biking in Surrey"), it felt easy-peasy compared to the finger-chilling, toe freezing, 5-hour madness of West/North Yorkshire.

We were bold and brave and set ourselves a target of achieving two of the high-score 50-point check-points along the way.

We were proud of ourselves for achieving the checkpoints but sadly resulted in us being 15 minutes late back to the finish - 80 points down the drain. We were 5th of 6 teams (last time we checked). The 80 points would've had us in third place.

So now we're addicted. It's like we have to get that placing. I am at least more confident that my legs will get me around the courses despite having not completed enough miles on my bike recently. I walked in the snow all of last week - there's an absence of studded tyres in this household. So tragically...

Miles cycled in February: 79 on the road, approx 30 off-road
Miles cycled this year: 268 on the road, approx 90 off-road

Must do better.

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grac said...

I'm still impressed. On the other hand, the Mountain Bike I got has sat in the garage for the last two weeks as it becomes apparent I am nothing but a fair weather biker. I'm embarrassed. (shirks off with head down)>