Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting back to it all the time.

Cycled in February: 95 miles

The possibility of meeting with the obnoxious teenager again and the prospect of a blue sky got me out on the bike early again this morning and I rode up onto the downs, down (bizarely) back into the valley then up again to work. The sky was indeed blue and the traffic much less threatening in the dry though I did claim myself room in the road to allow for the occasional gust of wind blowing me two feet to the right from time to time.

Just as I'm getting on a roll with this extra-mileage commute I am off to Germany on business soon and I fear everything will fall by the wayside. The determination to get back to it when I return remains strong.

With a TSK coming to stay, who knows what I will get driven to achieve. Things are certainly looking up.

If it works, this video made me laugh...

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