Thursday, February 08, 2007

Define: Absolutely necessary

The met office today warned people not to travel unless "absolutely necessary".

There was 4 inches (max) snow on the ground. At 3 am, my boss reports, he saw none on the ground. At 5:30 am I was woken by the light streaming through the slits in the blinds. Expletives passed my lips as I wondered what fool had somehow switched the light bulbs in the carpark to megga bright beams of blinding aura. Could I have died in my sleep?

I peered through the blind and there it was. 4 inches of untouched white fluffy stuff.

I wondered about getting up and walking the long way to work. I was awake. Falling asleep again would only lead to the agony of waking up woosey at 7 am with the alarm. I went back to bed and shivered. I didn't have the brain about me to switch the heating on and by the time I'd pulled my dressing gown on and fallen asleep again, that pesky alarm went off.

After tea and cereal I set off for work - smug in my coat. The neighbours kids were building snow man because school was cancelled.

and I caught this couple having a snowball fight (though not technically true because she just pushed the roof of snow off the car down his neck as he bent down to get the scraper out of the car).

It was with glee that I walked past the cars lined up on the high street. I saw the tracks of a sled then was surprised to see that the kids playing with the sled were about 16, not the 5-year olds I'd expected. It's good to know teenagers aren't too cool for everything.

On the big hill backroads, the trees formed a canopy
and the road was clear of snow. Oh how I pleaded with myself not to tell anyone at work but my secret just rushed out in the middle of the conversation.

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