Sunday, February 04, 2007

Getting out of Practice

We feel behind.

I know, it's the middle of winter, there have been illnesses and injuries but suddenly 50miles is a long way. That's what we did yesterday. We cycled to Waltham Abbey along the canal banks to drink tea, eat cake and see where King Harold was buried. I have photos but I have also lost my cable and the little XD card doesn't fit in any of the holes in the computer.

The sun shone, we saw few other people along the canals – a few fishermen, a few other hardy cyclists going about their weekend A-Bs, but no real concentrations of people. In Waltham Abbey, things seemed falsely jolly. Everyone seemed to be being nice to our faces yet deepdown we seethed over one cafĂ© without facilities and a second that, due to lack of space, insisted we put our scary cyclists' bags in the corner with the scary motorcyclists' helmets as hoards of old ladies came-and-went with arm-fulls of overflowing biddy shopping-bags.

Today we were tired. So very tired. We got up and out in good time and London was strangely dead. We went to Spitalfields market where everything seems to be a step-up from your average market stalls. We ate exotic greek pastries for breakfast then found coffee in a warm place. I didn't want to move. We went to look at the architecture of Smithfield market then after some shopping I was on the train home and I'm tired. 20 miles today.

Along with all this of course was 2 pints of beer whilst watching Morning Bride play in Stoke Newington on Friday night and a large glass of wine with Josephine on Saturday night. Who says I can't party anymore?

More miles is what we will be doing. I have fitted my super-power lights to my bike tonight which I hope will give me incentive to go out early to play in the dark. And... to give me some extra incentive and fuel my love of stats, I am stealing an idea from Jill:

Miles cycled in February: 87

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