Sunday, May 15, 2016


The foot is much better on a Sunday.  The anticipated stiffness and pain has not materialised and at least my knee is aching so we know the strain is working its way out of my leg gradually.  Thank god.

I'm still not racing - within 9 minutes I will have officially missed my start time.

Positives of the day:

  • I needed that sleep - damn that was good!
  • For the first time all year I am starting Sunday with lunch in the fridge.
  • I might be excused in asking TSK to carry my bike back upstairs again (obviously my ankle is too weak and I don't want to fall over the bike again!)
  • I have rationalised my priorities - it's Kielder and Lisbon will just have to take what it gets.
  • I have a good opportunity to do my swim distance today - though not the run distance, it doesn't matter because running has become a strength (I know, how did *THAT* happen?)
  • I get to try out my new feet on shorter runs before a big one.
  • I might just do some sewing.

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