Saturday, May 07, 2016

Beautiful week14

So, week 13 ended on Monday with a 14 mile run.  Meaning a rest day on Tuesday - oh no!

I've decided that I've been missing out on yoga too frequently so this week I booked on to both Tuesday and Thursday sessions.  Tuesday is open water swimming day so that happened too.

Yoga was perfect - reminded me what I've been missing. When I am on my own, I can't do the relaxation, meditation or advancement that I get from a class.

I drove to work and then to swimming where the water temperature had warmed back up to a peachy 11.2 degrees.  I forgot my gloves so, pissed off, I plunged into the water.  Swam a first short lap for starters then picked it up to the big lap without gloves for a bit of a challenge.  It worked and I felt like I was about to pass out as I exited the water.  Just as I went to ask someone to keep an eye on me, I realised he was swimming in skins and I felt pathetic so I kept my mouth shut.  I still didn't fancy a run so got in the showers.

Wednesday was resolutely a rest day.

Thursday therefore felt easy with a starter of yoga followed by a bike ride to work and a brick run.  It was so lovely outside that I decided not to let work steal all of my day and kept going around my running loop - a 4.4 mile long brick run.  That will do nicely.

I rode home via an inspirational talk from Graeme Obree and we had a lovely chat about obsession.

On Friday morning I felt like riding to work but the job stole that idea with a meeting planned in Immingham.  Instead I went for a swim at the pool to try and inject some distance in to my week.  It was abysmal.  I managed 40 lengths before I got bored and then when I started to feel really sick I just finished my way to the half way mark of what I was supposed to be doing and got out at 1 mile.  I guess I need to rest.

The remainder of the day was at least pleasant and it put me in the mood for Saturday's ride with Norton Wheelers and more outdoor swimming... in this luxurious weather, who could argue?

Norton Wheelers gave me a basting as usual, resulting in a very tired hippo making my way up Froggatt edge.  Still, a scone and two cups of coffee seemed to give me enough steam to get home and head back to Harthill for more swimming.  It was so hot I could hardly get my wetsuit on.  The water seemed chilly at first but I did warm up for about 1lap before the last half lap started to make me cold.  My hands had gone to pot - splayed fingers etc.  I had been swimming with someone else and could pretty much point to the moment when hnads failed as that person swam away from me.  However, I wasn't shivering nearly as bad as I could have been and had a very relaxed shower before pottering home.

So far, a fairly restful week as far as distances go but a big effort from my Norton ride.  I have nothing more than a paltry 11 mile run tomorrow but given the state of my post-Norton legs, I'm not sure whether that will happen tomorrow or not.  Only time will tell... and lying on the sofa, lots of lying on the sofa.

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