Saturday, December 12, 2015

Swim Number 2

Swim number 2 was notable because of its weirdness, its nonconformity and a valuable lesson in just getting on with it.

Starting with small gains, after a full week of rest I managed to walk to swimming this week. If I count that as the run I would also like to be able to do on a Saturday in 10 weeks time then yay... but this is Bradford week so we are resting so it is a walk.

Half way there I realised I forgot my swimming watch.  It crossed my mind to go back but decided I could count to 6 often enough to survive without.

The pool was rigged for children's class when I arrived with only 2 lanes set aside for swimmers but only 4 people in. The shallow end was then partly closed for the little ones leaving swimmers about 25m to swim in. This was going to be interesting for my times but then I had no idea how long the length was and no swim watch anyway. I reminded myself it was too early to worry about times.

At least this session I didn't have to worry about pace. The bipper stuck at 55 and I had to flip between slowing to make it and pushing myself to keep up towards the end of the set.

The first 6 lengths were OK and I decided to make it sets of 8. I can count to 4 reasonably reliably. Being on a short length,  I figured 5 sets would see me through to 40 which would be less than last week so like a rest really. Unfortunately I forgot I only planned to do 750m or 30 lengths and I still had to battle with the turn around at the shallow end.

The only way to tackle the turn around was to paddle in a semicircle under the water with my right arm while stroking above the surface with my left. After I did that 3 times I resorted to an elaborate figure of 8 turnaround so my left arm could have a go. Much swearing, spluttering and protest from the less dextrous arm.

The last 8 were so damn hard. It's been a long swim break. My arch dive under water was celebratory in nature. It should have been a shorter swim but it wasn't and, paddling pool aside, I really enjoyed it. I stood in the shower for a long time.

Unfortunately I then went and did a hard yoga set before walking home, stopping in the appliance store to order a new washing machine.  Finally, after a 1:45pm lunch, I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at 3:45.

It was kind of a rest day.

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