Thursday, December 03, 2015


Refreshing to go for a sports massage with a new person today.  Gave me a few insights into my weird physiquie.  A hip joint which is too open is thought to be caused by a hip socket which is too small for the ball joint allowing my left leg to flop lithely all over the place whilst the right one is stiff and awkward most of the time.

It doesn't help that this is the one I sit over on.  It explains why I can't stretch my left hamstring very well.  I have to really work to stretch it straight above my head.  I do have to carry on with the exercises my AXA physio has given me though.

I have some hip and pelvis strengthening exercises to do  to help me stabilise the lot.

There's a theory on my knee pain that is either slightly damaged cartilledge hooking up on ligaments as they pass and causing the wretching pain or ligament damage.  Not treatable unless it's severe but who wants surgery anyway?  The evil man (he was nice really) poked and manipulated my knee about trying to make it go ow so he could identify the point but to no avail.  This gave me great hope that I have at last worked through it.

I feel very tough for riding out a physio session after going out for my first ever Dark Peak road run last night.  Debbie thought I was insane and I thought I missed Roy who I understand is usually the source of much waiting.  So my muscles ached tonight.  Questions I asked about how I stretch this muscle were answered with a jabbing finger in the wrong bits of fleshy stuff and a yelp from me.  Perhaps my sports massages are well out of date again.

Finally, a sound bit of advice.  I was hesitant about listening to warning advice about my yoga practice, though this was qualified with, "having done it for the past 3 years" and I was reminded that yoga is a stationary form of exercise and very different to running, cycling etc. the things that I love lots.  I have no plans to give up yoga, especially given all of the success and joy it has added to my life over the last 12 months but it is definitely time to let some more of the active sports back into my life... and by that I mean keeping up my running and getting around to that swimming thing... because there will always be room for the bike.

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