Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wakefield Cyclocross 2015

Faffed a lot at cyclo-cross today saving myself for the 3 Peaks next week. My Garmin lost both its tabs and fell off but I stopped on the next lap to pick it up. My yoga practice meant I didn't even have to get off the bike.

2 lapping riders crashed right next to me but I managed to keep upright and managed to gain a place on the last lap even though I thought I had one more to go.

Gave up playing cat and mouse with the man in front who only ever tried when I chicked him and just resorted to telling him to ride faster until a lapping rider came through and I got a tow and made enough gap to last to the end.

It bodes well for the Peaks when you still feel like you have a lap in reserve after 35 minutes of riding eyeballs-out. Not only am I looking forward to next week, I am also looking forward to returning to fast training afterwards. Endurance really isn't my thing (from the woman who used to claim that I don't go fast enough to get injured). Fingers crossed I can enter my 2x21 year with some sense of pace.

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