Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thoughts on Tonight's Run

It felt like the first one back since forever. It's only been 8 days but it's enough to feel a bit ropey.

My new socks were amazing. Kept my calfs warm, plenty of room in the feet and had some curious looks. Especially from motorists who managed to notice me in the fading light. The socks also made me feel taller which probably means they made me run taller.

I am motivated to run every day now... but I shouldn't because 3 Peaks resting.

I gave myself a hard time for being slow and tiredbut then remembered I have been doing some serious strength training at yoga and that more than counts.

Yoga doesn't do much to keep you accustomed to the constant pounding of running (my feet are sore again) but my new found strength does make most of my steps feel easier except the last ones which are always hard.

This was the first after-work run I have done in a while and it is already time to warrant a head torch for the end of the run.

Speed running on the road does nothing to improve your off-road handling skills on the fly but the confidence I have gained from being able to run at good speed has given me a lot of encouragement.

It is still impossible to know how ready I am for the Peaks - or not. My head is quite excited but a little tired. This has worked well for me in recent weeks.

I should have thrown out that protein shake years ago. No wonder I gagged when I drank it... but then it is protein shake (2010 if you must know).

Things I noticed:
The river is low
The leaves are falling but still mostly green
Lost £1. Almost hit by 4 falling acorns
A man running like his dog (whippet)
My toes are even closer when I am warm.
The drizzle.

5.6 miles of joy.

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