Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ready to Race

I have been at the physio twice in 2 weeks.  First to see if she could determine anything wrong with my hips which causes me to irritate a tendon in my groin and then for ongoing treatment. Neither has brought me any real joy and all this from a particular nasty yoga session 2 weeks ago where the instructor complained about getting out of bed so early,  tortured us all then told us we were soft and me in particular that I would have trouble later in life if I didn't get my hips more mobile.  Knowing that I have this problem with my groin already I booked the physio appointment.

The first physio I saw suggested I leave off the yoga till my problem is sorted. Since I can control my own actions and know my own body of course I decided that was tosh although I haven't been back yet.
The second physio assessed my solas muscle to be adequate to such an extent that she used the words 'nothing lacking there'. She even countered by saying that the yoga was clearly doing me good and I should keep going.

So I went this morning and much to my surprise discovered that the class had been cancelled because they had so many complaints about the stand-in instructor that they had failed to find a replacement.  I was astonished at their incompetence to appoint another instructor but also listening to customers yielding direct action and mostly that someone else got in there and complained before me.

I feel vindicated,  a renewed sense of confidence in my body before this weekend and hope that soon the old yoga will be restored.  In the meantime though,  me and a complete stranger went to the gym together and did synchronized sun salutations and,  residual fatigue aside,  I feel ready for racing again.

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