Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The final Countdown Part 1

Today sees the start of week 13 of Forestman training. With the last three weeks being taper, that means the next 4 weeks are set to be (athletically) the hardest of my life.

Last week I was supposed to do a 10 mile run but I  substituted it for the 13 miler I missed last week.  Well, I attempted to last night but it felt like no matter how far I ran I remained a bit too far away from 13 miles to get it done befoer dinner and bed - one single time in the day at the moment.

It was painful getting running along the canal last night.  Not physically so but the brain just wanted to shut down and go to sleep until I finally stopped over-thinking it and just enjoyed the flowers and the sunset.

By the time I'd got into town I was in full stride so I popped in to Ponds Forge to pick up flapjack fuel and continued running.  At first home, to drop off my rucsac and fill up a Camelback and then out around the houses at the edge of the Rivelin valley where I walked the most precipitous hills - upwards to save my heart and downwards to save my feet.

I bust through the door still with only 16km on the clock instead of 20 but not bad for a Monday night.

4 days totalling 1 Marathon. I'm quite pleased with that.

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