Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Proverbial Tortoise & the Return of the Heel Strike.

Last night it got too much.  My running muscles were screaming at me, making uncomfortable fidgets, twinges and winces, all to let me know that they were dying and being shoved out of the way by growing bike muscles.

I couldn't put off going for a run any longer.  I've an appointment booked with Colin the foot magician tomorrow but I had to see how it went - just once.

I checked with TSK... "Going for a run - brave or stupid?!"
His answer: "Yes".

It's another reason to love him but you note, I phrased my question carefully, avoiding the question, "Wise?"

I wore my old insoles, the ones I had made in Canada as they offer my whole foot support, not just my heel. I also planned to do a heel-strike run to take all of the weight off my toes.  Even when I felt like there was no pain, I stuck to the heel strike rule as I knew a lack of pain was probably just my body pumping out endorphins.

I also stuck to the 150 bpm rule which even involved walking up hills but this was OK because running up hills was engaging my toes.

I ran through the Walkley allotments then along the rivelin valley high path before dropping down to the road and running back along the river.  It was intensely enjoyable since I worried about nothing but footfall and occasionally checked to make sure I wasn't blowing up my lungs.

I walked some of the downhills too to prevent the jolting on my feet.  The heel striking was going well.  It probably wasn't as fast but I've been running with heelstrike for many years and it was a bit like getting back on a bike.  Maybe I'll stick with it - I don't know. Call it another run style to add to my quivver.  Like having cross country and downhill skis.

I was tired today.  I made my legs work quite hard at their 2400m swim yesterday.  I only did 5km which is a bit disappointing as my foot did start to hurt so much that I was limping on it approaching the house but at least I have been out and run and enjoyed myself and I'm not in too much pain.  It was a useful pacing excercise and I'm looking forwards to doing something else later on today.

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