Monday, October 22, 2012

Small, Personal Victories

I was beaten yesterday by someone who is fitter than me but who I usually beat on the basis of technical bike skills or mechanical failure.  I was beaten by someone older than me and someone else got in there as well.

In my head I had a good training week last week but in actual fact I managed a little swim, a bit too long of a run and one measly loaded ride to work - not exactly speed training.  The rest of the time I spent working, driving or planning my year.

So despite feeling like I was going well all race - getting out of the saddle to accelerate out of the corners -and I felt good afterwards, I was annoyed.  When I got home, still feeling good, I brought all the stuff in the house, washed my bike then went out for a run of about 3.7km to blow away the cobwebs.

I walked the last km with stitch as I hadn't eaten enough post-race but up until that point I was running well.  The legs were turning.

I've clearly made some minor endurance gains as I have never done a post-race run.  Perhaps I am going to be better at this endurance stuff than the "going fast" bits after all.

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