Monday, January 02, 2012

To Todmorden and Beyond

A lovely start to the year. You can tell you've had a good cyclo-cross when you have to cut yourself out of your shoes and when you get home, you daren't take your clothes off without standing in the bath to catch all the bits.
I don't care how I did except it was harder than it should've been but I enjoyed every minute and am looking forwards to next season. I'd like to think next 'cross season but I probably mean next tri season. Still, let's see what's left.
I have more or less decided to make this year the "year of the half" for me. I have already entered "A Day in the Lakes" again to make up for last year's fiasco.
During the three peaks, decided I missed racing it too much, so this year I have decided to knock Helvellyn on the head. It's just too close.
I'd like to try and do an easier half before ADIL. Though I might just save myself for the day.
One thing is for sure, the last week of rest has helped me to believe that anything is possible.

So getting married and achieving some pretty daunting race targets should be a breeze with my job. Happy new year.

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