Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Planning

I have finally decided to get on with the training plan for 2012.  Not by the contorted system I use every year and then forget, but by splitting the calendar into weeks and dividing up where I am against where I want to be. There's few enough weeks left in my training year for me to do that.
Speed and distance. Increasing and increasing respectively.

My other plan is to sensibly focus on one event this year and only supplement this with a few Audaxes with TSK. This is difficult to do when you're keen but easy when you're tired and broke.

Otherwise it's training sessions all the way. It's most affordable and sensible in a world where you can't do everything. My first Audax in 6 weeks, tonight I will be stretching my legs with a 15 mile ride home from Barnsley.

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