Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rolling to the stones

I'm getting on a train this evening to London. At about 8pm we leave London to ride home again - via Stonehenge. The solstice is upon us and I will be spending the night riding with a bunch of cigarette-smoking, coffee drinking courier-types from the London Fixed-gear forum - mostly pedalling, drinking coffee, stopping for fags and whiskey. We plan to arrive at Stonhenge for sunrise and since the road to Avebury will be closed and full of druids and other various pagan spin-offs we expect our bikes will be the best way to get us there.

Last time I did an overnight ride I decided I didn't enjoy it but this one is tempting me. Mother nature seems to be being kind with good weather and it's a long time since TSK and I did anything profound together beyond scraping eachother up after gruelling solo events. I have booked Monday off work for recuperation purposes and expect to be spending tomorrow afternoon making bacon butties and coffee before bundling tired cyclists back onto the train to London.

I am forgoing the sprightly Phoenix race bike for the heavier, more comfortable Lovely stacked with a bag full of tasty morcels, munchies, a wee dram and some wooly clothes.

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