Saturday, June 20, 2009

On being brave and grown up

For 10 years I have been trying to get around to becoming a chartered engineer. A number years of toying with the right route for me to take followed by many years of not being arsed, rejecting the prospect all together and finally deciding that I should have the accolades that go with the job position I find myself in. A few more months of report writing, deliberations and useless comments led to a 35,000 word report that was whittled down to 7,000 and 10 days ago I found myself facing a panel of my peers (all 15 years older than me so I think they mis-sell that one) for a question and answer and general chat session about my experiences, plans and all-round good-eggedness.

The outcome looked good. I felt like I had a good interview and resisted the urge to do aeroplane turns across the field as I walked away from the interview venue.

I promptly rushed into the nearest bike shop to drop £100 on my new wheels I'd bought. All as a celebration of my organisational skills, diligence and determination.

Now I have 4 weeks of pouncing on the post ahead of me.


Adam said...

I shall keep my fingers crossed for you.
Not that you'll need it, but y'know...

Trepid Explorer said...

Well, I do. Too many of my colleagues have been failed first time for me to be brimming with confidence and sometimes I think they just do it to non MPDS people just to reinforce the MPDS route.

This is of course 1.5 weeks of nervous angst talking