Friday, June 19, 2009

Contentment and interesting dynamics

I finished work at 10pm for no extra pay, glory or consideration. My boss just called expecting me to be at work (fool).

I have a new training regime which seems to be working when I can get enough rest for it to work.

I don't trust Type Pad to delete everything I wrote if I stop paying my subscription so there is one massive vehemouth disproportionate blog behind this one. I should put my past behind me but in reality, on days like this, when I think my life sucks, it's best to look back at how bad things were... and realise there's lots of good stuff in there too.

In fact, if you can ignore the formatting which I really can't be arsed to remove right now, and scroll through it's like my life flashing before my eyes.

Now I know how death might feel and I can live with it. I've had a great few years.

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