Saturday, January 03, 2009


It has been cold here for some time and today I am finding it impossible to clean my bike for a race tomorrow. Every time I clean a bit, the smeared out mud just freezes on the bike leaving an icy black smear everywhere. I have had to do my best with hot water then bring it in to the kitchen to defrost before I can start on the micro-cleaning and reassembly.

The chain hasn't had an outing in 5 weeks either so I think I might need a new one of those.

On new years day we went out with TSK's parents for a walk and stood in the National Trust cafe on the way home and watched the starlings reeling in the sky. An original fairly unimpressive group of around 200 birds eventually swelled in to a flock resembling those I have seen before in Brighton then finally after 5 minutes of indecision they swooped in groups to settle in a volume of reed bed about 2 metres cube.

A fine accompaniement to tea and cake.

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