Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cold Park in winter

The crazy golf was busy. It's built from Cotswold stone - only the best for Swindon.

Me being as tall as trees

Bird watching - Tufted duck, Pochard and Smew.
And today I went racing for the first time in about 5 weeks. I coughed and I hacked my way around the course but DIDN'T get lapped by Claire and DID beat an Ironman (tho' it was his first race so I suppose we let him off since he kept falling off on the slippery corners).

If felt good to be back on the bike after such a break. We had a good bonding session yesterday during which I cleaned and fiddled and tuned and fitted a new chain. I have been wondering what the grinding noise is on my lowest gear then yesterday figured out I was running a 6-speed chain on an 8-speed block. Huragh, no more grinding. The new bike is perfect.

Now I need to add her to my home insurance after Sil's experiences.

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Silver Lining said...

I have really, really good bike insurance. £10 per month for new for old and £1m third party cover. Can't remember who it's with.... Gaaah. You've probably done it by now anyway, and Huw seems to have shut my network down!