Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I want to go now

Ski holiday for two £900
New, less foggy goggles £80
New, shorter ski poles £40
New, less bulky suitcase £30

Re-living your favourite part about having been Canadian - priceless

For lift passes, beer and boyfriend ski rental there will have to be VISAcard

150cm at the top. 70cm at the bottom.

On the health front, I had my lungs tested today. Turns out my lungs have the physique of a 27-year old. Could someone persuade my skin the same thing?

Bad news is, I am level 4 allergic to dustmites - on a scale of 1 to 6. I am not at all allergic to cats. Which brings me great pleasure. I am level 1 allergic to some grass which will explain my occasional hayfever. I am still more worried about the dust mites though, because I am mentally averse to cleaning and this will have to change.

On that subject, I have struck a deal with the boss to move me back home at Easter - if nothing else comes up in the meantime. There's the vague possibility I can organise some kind of deep-clean - NHS style - including nice new flooring prior to me moving home so that middle-of-the-night sneezing fits and wheezing can be minimised. With every day that passes, my urge to leave the fens grows stronger.


Just a Girl said...

Now that's a good sounding trip...

And that's an awfully long time to have not lived at home.

jon said...

we can find a cheaper ski trip then that

Shorter poles with a hack saw.

you can borrow my goggles.

Tesco plastic bag = free.