Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting Nowhere (Please click on the link if nothing else)

Ever feel like you just can't make any progress?

Despite my present contract being very lucrative, I am now resolutely bored of it. It was exciting at the begining - learning how things are done and making them better then getting out there and developing new ideas, better answers.

9 months on and month-in month-out it's the same. Chasing the same managers for the same approvals. Reporting. Somehow we report £200,000 worth of energy savings every month. That's 1500kWh or 1145 Tonnes of CO2 or 2000 flights between Edinburgh and London and I do feel good about that because for every 1145 Tonnes, you can add in the 1145 Tonnes saving we enabled last month, and the one before.

But it's no longer me that's out there. I have to send other people out there and those people don't question like I do. The return and pee on my idea. They don't bring me the information to make up my own mind and still I'm not allowed to go and make my own mind up. I nudge, I chase up, I enquire politely and contractors come and they bring me pens and mugs and cheap diaries and expensive whiskey because I bolstered their sales.

So I went to a conference and I brought you all this back.

The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever Watch

(It's not really that scary so go ahead and click - especially if you're Canadian and feel inclined to forward it to those climate-change denial leaders of yours).

As for me, Libya has been mentioned - a project to bring water from aquifers to the city. The environmental consequence is questionable but the alternatives are depriving the people of the water or installing carbon-guzzling desalination plants close to the city.

Sharjah was mentioned. I'd no sooner like to work in the UAE than in the USA. Rich Arabs / Americans not being my "thing", much to the regional manager's disappointment.

So now I'm pinning my hopes on Glasgow and wind turbines. Watch this space. Whilst I do some swotting.

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