Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Race number 2 - Fakenham

What a contrast! The race at Fakenham was 9 circuits of a grassy field. Obstacles included bumps, a bridge over a stream and a few gravelly corners. That was it.

But then I wasn't into gritty madness at the weekend, just shaking off the remnants of a snotty cold.

The race did a good job of shaking off those remnants. With the bumps, shaking was the prominent word in that sentance. My injuries include a blister where my gloves rubbed against the handlebars and a cut on my chin where I was pinged by a stone in the mass-start on gravel.

As far as cyclo-cross races go it was uneventful except for laughing with other riders, encouraging other ladies and helping a little 7-year old who got stuck in the under 12s race.

Still, I move ever closer to my targets (though with a new target, I only snatched 4th place this week) and it's all good practice for the biggie in two weeks time.

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