Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ongoing Saga

ClumsyJet are still not interested in Green. I have heard nothing. So Dauntless (the MTB) is currently rocking around Peterborough in slicks.

It's so much fun!

Groups of school kids, uneasy-looking elderly ladies on bikes, dogs on long leads. They all give me the gleeful opportunity to swing wide and pass on the grassy banks of the paths that I ride to work.

The first ride on the suspension, bobbing up and down as I climbed the hill near home was weird with the weight of my paniers on the back but now I'm reassured that at least by the time the Open5 comes around again I will be comfortable on Dauntless, not slightly doddering as I was on Monday morning. I'll be like the downhillers at the world champs, honest.

I have my third appointment at the gym tomorrow. Finally one of the instructors was interested enough to refer me to Catherine and apparently Catherine has a bit of know-how on the Personal-Trainer front and might just be qualified to get my running up to speed in time for the race at Grassington.

The other instructors are only interested in me if I want to lose weight or gain it and didn't understand my need to be able to run 11km and climb 450m within 20 days. Oh! the stats.

I fear I am becoming addicted to endorphins.

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Just a Girl said...

That's customer service for you.

I want the endorphins. I can't find them. Instead I just tomato face it.