Friday, September 07, 2007

Boomerang Cycling

So I'm back. One little cyclo-cross after Canada last year and now I am staring down the barrel of my first full season starting on 15th September.

To get myself in the right frame of mind I started doing club Time Trials with the Peterbrough Cycling Club back in July and I might just be thinking of a (my first ever) road race on Sunday but that would be a bit scary so I might just stand on the side-lines.

Meanwhile today was my first day riding to work on Red in mourning of Green who got bent on the aeroplane on the way back from France last weekend.

I got to work and realised I had left my lock at home. After three hours of nervously checking she was still in the bike park every half hour, I finally rode home at lunchtime to get my lock. Got back to work to find I had left my key at home. Well it was a nice day so I just turned around and rode back home to get the key.

I'm proud to say I also rode back to work, and home again in the evening... even managing a Friday night trip to the pub for a pint, a pie, some chocolate pudding (not the best for racing legs) and a whisky before the ride home.

The training starts next week including a gym membership that needs justifying by getting the hill-running muscles back in shape for the next Open5 event on 30th September

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Just a Girl said...

Poor Green. Can she be repaired or is that it?