Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bravery is presently defined as stepping outside your comfort zone in July

I decided to swim in a shorty wetsuit without sleeves today. More accurately, this morning as I left the house in warm air, casting my full wetsuit to one side with gay abandon. Only this evening as I left work in a stiff breeze and pouring rain did I question my decision.

Still, the whole point was to adapt to mountain lake temperature and get my distance in where possible. At least the lake will be warm.

It was. 20 degrees warm but I carefully folded my dryrobe on the shore to keep the towelling dry then shivered my way into the water, chatting to a friend as I went.

I had to make my excuses and set off for I knew my time was limited by my body's tendency to lose core heat.

A brief stop on the first lap might have jeopardised my distance swim but it was worth it to spend time in the water metres from the crested grebe I have never seen there before.

Lap 1 still dispensed with on time and I started lap 2 confidently but my technique started to fade, cramp sneaked under my chin and I started to shiver again. Oh well.

I kept going to the end of my loop, resisting the urge to take the short cut. Sure I was panicked because I was running out of energy but I wasn't going to shorten my short option. No way!

Needless to say, I survived. I wasn't shivering too badly when I got out and the dry robe put paid to much more discomfort.

Maybe I didn't do my distance but the adaptation to the cold felt much *much* more important.

I am looking forward to stretching it next time I swim.

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